Mighty Castle
Defend your castle from endless waves of harpies, baboons, kamikazes, and battering rams in this fast-pace action tower defense game! Use the power of physics to aim at and destroy enemies with crossbow, cannon, and catapult. Collect gold riches from enemies, upgrade your weapons and castle tower. Recruit mighty dragon and crocodile to fry and snatch the enemies or spend gold on time bombs to slow invaders down and shoot them in style! Battle the hordes of enemies - protect your Mighty Castle!

  • Fight the never-ending waves of eager harpies, determined baboons, fast kamikazes, and devastating battering rams.
  • Collect their riches as you destroy the infidels.
  • Use the physics to your clever advantage and strategy to stop the invasion.
  • Acquire an arsenal of devastating weapons, including cannon, catapult, hungry crocodile, flying dragon, and more!
  • Upgrade your castle defenses and weapons to withstand against ever-increasing invasion.
  • Earn achievements for completing challenges.
  • Increase difficulty to challenge yourself while collecting even more gold.
  • Defend the Mighty Castle!